With some  30 million episodes of Podcasts as of January 2020, finding cool ones is sometimes a challenge, so with that, I present to you a few of my favorites.

Turi Ryder‘s She Said What? podcast is my new favorite. The quick-witted banter between Turi and co-host Kathryn Lake is infectious. And it’s no wonder why they do such a good job. Both are major market talk radio veterans. Take a listen here. New episodes drop every Tuesday.

Jon Orlando, host of The Action Junkeez Podcast, is literally all over place. Which is to his benefit because you never know what he’s going to say or who his next guest will be. Since 2017, he’s been covering all things “action” including fitness, poker, sports, UFC and a few entertainers thrown in. And he has great chemistry with his co-host Adam Lieberman. Check him out here.

Auckland 80’s, a superb streaming radio station, produces a show that not only streams, but then is turned into 2 podcasts called The Flashback 40. They play the full Top 40 chart from a specific week and year of the 80s and for those of us with shorter attention spans, another show with just the Top 10. What makes this countdown show special is that they showcase the Mainstream Rock chart, not the usual Top 40 with the same old songs we hear on every 80s radio station, so you never know what musical gem might be up next. Check out their episodes here.

Always on my list is the Clark Howard Podcast. I mean hey, who doesn’t like to hear practical advice to save money and avoid being ripped off? Clark’s team produces daily shows, which are a shortened version of his syndicated radio show. Enjoy them here.

My Favorite Podcasts of 2020…So Far
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