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It’s time for another edition of Mr. Romance’s Top 10 Countdown Show, a look back at the 10 most popular songs on the Adult Contemporary chart for the week of April 1, 1978. Click here if you missed last week’s show featuring 1987.

Get ready for pop culture, trivia and all your lite hits that might just bring back some memories or maybe you’ll discover some new soft rock favorites.

Top 10 Countdown Show Pop Culture

The Blues Brothers (Original Soundtrack Recording)

The year was 1978:
A gallon of gas was $.88
The Blues Brothers made their debut on Saturday Night Live
And Ben & Jerry’s opened its first ice cream shop in downtown Burlington, Vermont

At the movies, you were watching 
Jaws 2

On television:
Laverne & Shirley
Happy Days
Three’s Company

And WKRP in Cincinnati made it’s debut

Top 10 Countdown Show Trivia Question

Before the Dutton’s in Yellowstone, another strong-willed family in Braddock County ruled primetime. Debuting this weekend in 1978 with a 5-part miniseries on CBS, this 14 season show became one of the longest airing full-hour prime time dramas in American television. Do you know which TV show this is? Take a listen to the show below for the answer.

Song Spotlight

Andrew Gold Thank You for Being a Friend
Andrew Gold – Thank You for Being a Friend

Inspired by the Southern California sound and music of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, the original and covers of this song still appear in films and ads. But the most loved cover might be jingle singer Cynthia Fee’s version with the theme song for the The Golden Girls.  And the original? As singer songwriter Andrew Gold put it: “just this little throwaway thing” that took me “about an hour to write.”  In our song spotlight: “Thank You for Being a Friend.”

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Sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite love songs from the week of April 1, 1978.

Mr. Romance’s Top 10 Countdown Show – April 1, 1978
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