With Halloween just around the corner, there’s no better time to talk about my favorite candy: Mentos Fruit. It has a mix of strawberry, orange and lemon all in a chewy mint-sized disc.

Mentos Fruit Candy: The Chewy Mint

Mentos were invented in Poland in 1932 by brothers Michael and Pierre van Melle. They first showed up in the U.S. during the 1960s when they began shipping worldwide. Fruit flavors first appeared in the 1970s.

And they did have some pretty catchy commercials back in the 1990s.

A little background, according to their Wikipedia page: “Mentos are available in several flavors including mint, mixed fruit, cola, bubble gum, and in an assortment of orange, strawberry, and lemon. Mentos first appeared as a liquorice-flavored sweet which can still be purchased in the Netherlands as “Drop Mentos.” New flavors were initially test-marketed in the Netherlands and throughout Europe; however, most of the flavors have been available worldwide recently.”

“Other flavors include green apple, cinnamon, strawberry, mixed fruit (which contains a mix of cherry, strawberry, orange, and lemon flavors), grape, wintergreen, grapefruit, peach, plum, spearmint, strawberry yogurt, lemon yogurt, pineapple (pine fresh), red apple, currant and two versions of black licorice flavored Mentos. Two varieties of the mint flavor, known as “Mentos Strong” and “Air action Mentos” are sold in the Netherlands. Also available in the Netherlands is the Special Mix 4 pack, containing the flavors mint, fruit, berry mix, strawberry, banana, cherry, and mango orange. Two varieties of the mint flavor are also sold in China, known as “Mint” and “Strong Mint.” Grape and ‘N Cream (presumably Apples and Cream), Strawberry ‘N Cream, and Banana ‘N Cream are also marketed in Asia. Chocolate Mentos were produced in 1989, but the flavor was discontinued. In 2006, the citrus mango flavor was introduced to the Japanese market. In the Philippines, a “Dalandan Fresh” variant is available. Other varieties of Mentos include: Mentos Sours, which recently became available in the United States, featuring Watermelon, Green Apple, and Lemon flavors; caffeinated “Energy” Mentos, sold mainly in Germany, where one roll equals the amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee; “Fresh Cola” flavored Mentos released in New Zealand, Australia and parts of Europe and Asia; and “AIR Mentos” containing Menthol, which are sold primarily in Belgium and the Netherlands. In India, the major flavors available are mint, lemon, strawberry, orange, watermelon and cola.”

“In the Netherlands, Mentos Gum is sold in blisters and bottles in six different varieties: Pure (four flavors), Fruit (four flavors), Regular (five flavors), Bubblegum, Cubes (four flavors) and White (three flavors). Mentos Gum is also available in Australia, Greece, China, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Poland, the Philippines, and recently, the United States in blisters and bottles, both in three different flavors.”

With some luck, you might find a roll of Mentos in your kid’s Halloween bag. And should you be so lucky, I give you full permission to borrow (well, steal) it. Your mouth will thank you!

My Halloween Favorite Mentos Fruit Candy
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