After the big Emmy Award night for Schitt’s Creek this year, I thought I would give it a (second) watch. Truth is, I watched it back in 2016 and hardly made it through the first season. Fast forward 4 years and another try. This time almost got to season 3 and I gave up. Honestly, I just wasn’t fully invested in characters to care enough to find out how they would evolve. So with the dilemma of “what shall I watch,” I went back to what I was familiar with.

Enter The Office.  The mockumentary  sitcom television series that depicts the everyday work lives of office employees in the  Scranton, Pennsylvania  branch of the fictional  Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. It aired on  NBC  from 2005, to 2013, lasting a total of nine seasons.

I’m not sure what year I finally got into it. Probably around season 3, but I loved it then, and still love it now. Sadly, it plans to make its exit from Netflix on January 1, 2021 and go exclusively to Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. So I figured, one more binge couldn’t hurt. I’m presently in the middle of season 2, so with roughly 185 episodes left, I have a lot of watching to do!

The Cast of The Office (Mitchell Haaseth/Getty Images NBC Universal)

And as the show embarked on it’s 15th Anniversary, series regulars Jenna Fischer  and  Angela Kinsey  created Office Ladies  in October of 2019, which is a podcast reviewing each episode in the order that it aired. Over the past 50 episodes, they have been joined by guests that include former co-stars, producers and writers of the show.

A nice companion as I continue my binge.

Last Chance for The Office (US) on Netflix
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