One of the most enjoyable things about Thursday evenings has been the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences‘ (SOVAS) The State of VO Zoomcast series. Each episode includes interviews by professionals in the voiceover industry like casting directors, producers and talent.

Master of Animation: Tom Ruegger

Season 3  started out with a BANG, Thursday, March 4. 2021, with one of the masters of animation (and a guy who defined so many childhoods!), 14X Emmy Awards winner and creator of Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and Histeria: Tom Ruegger. He was right on point when sharing his advice about auditioning, “Be ready for anything…be ready to play!”

Be Ready for Anything

Jim Kennelly – Lotas Productions

Then two weeks later on May 17, The State of VO was back with so much invaluable information and the simple reason why is that the guest was Jim Kennelly, Owner/Producer/Director of Lotas Productions, one of New York’s expert authorities on voiceover casting and production. He’s such an encouraging, down-to-earth person and a HUGE supporter of voiceover talent.

Positive Energy Attracts Positive Energy

Mami Okada – Bang Zoom! Studios

The March 31 State of VO can be described with two words: SUPER SPECTACULAR! Casting Director, Mami Okada of Bang Zoom! Studios, gave us an inside look into Dubbing and Anime voiceovers with so many extraordinary gems of advice including the simple reminder to “keep following up!” Thank you, Mami, for the generosity of your time.

To Do List: Follow up

DC Glenn – TagTeam Whoomp 

And this past Thursday, for the multi-talented DC Glenn of TagTeam Whoomp fame, the name of the game is HUSTLE! Something we all need to remember. Congrats on your continued success DC! Thank you for sharing your stories, inspiration and motivation.

Always Hustle

A special thanks to The State of VO hosts,  Joan Baker  and  Rudy Gaskins of SOVAS along with  Marc Guss  of  ACM Talent who make these amazing educational opportunities happen.

The mission of the Society Of Voice Arts And Sciences™ (SOVAS™ ) is to connect job seekers to the consummate sources of training, education, mentoring and employment opportunities required to create and sustain a successful career in the voiceover industry. Their mission is accomplished with diversity and inclusion, and through the ongoing development and administration of programs featuring educational events, financial scholarships, job placement, meaningful networking opportunities and awards recognition through the Voice Arts® Award program. For more information, visit  SOVAS.

The State of VO’s Season 3 Starts with a Bang
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