One of my favorite podcasts of late is the The Bob Lefsetz Podcast. Bob chats it up with guests that usually have something to do with the music industry. Most recently, the show that caught my attention was with Chris Difford from one of my all-time favorite groups Squeeze. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the group, the interview was very telling as to the trials and tribulations of a group that has been together for decades.

According to Bob’s Wikipedia page, he grew up in  Fairfield, Connecticut  and is a graduate of  Middlebury College  where he majored in art history. He moved to  Los Angeles  in the 1970s. After earning his law degree from Southwestern Law School,  Bob worked as an entertainment business attorney, and briefly as head of  Sanctuary Music’s American division. He has worked as a consultant to major  record labels. and is based in  Santa Monica.

Bob releases a newsletter called The Lefsetz Letter. From April 2013 through December 2015, Bob wrote a weekly column for  Variety’s  weekly print edition and its website.  Themes explored are the diminishing role of the major record labels in current recorded music and corresponding increasing influence and importance of grassroots artist activities such as live performances and direct online relationships with fans, the decline of  CD  sales as alternate online music services such as  Spotify  continue to flourish, the prevalence of  Peer-to-Peer  (P2P)  file-sharing as the primary source of digital music distribution, the need for a legitimate and licensed Peer-to-Peer or similar distribution service to facilitate the next working business model for the music industry. Bob personal reflections on  songs,  songwriters,  bands and industry insiders that have affected his unique and independent outlook of the music industry. Bob’s personal observations on a wide range of topics, including reflections on his personal life.

And today, Bob’s latest podcast drops with the legendary radio deejay, Cousin Brucie, who ended a 15-year run at SiriusXM on August 1 and has rejoined WABC/770 AM hosting Cousin Brucie’s Saturday Night Rock & Roll Party.

The Bob Lefsetz Podcast
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