The Society Of Voice Arts And Sciences™ (SOVAS™ ) held their annual three day That’s Voiceover Career Expo virtually the weekend of November 20, 2020. In “normal” times, this type of event is an incredible feat to produce. In 2020, to have a virtual event go off without a hitch is simply AMAZING! Here’s a wrap up of just a few of the highlights as posted daily from my LinkedIn feed:

Day One

SOVAS That's Voiceover 2020 Day One
SOVAS That’s Voiceover 2020 – Jill Kershaw of Sound and Fury “Be The Best Version of You!”

A motivating and inspiring kickoff this morning to the virtual #ThatsVoiceover Career Expo with the first session of the day hosted by Scott Parkin and the fabulous panelists: Marc Guss of ACM TalentJill Kershaw of Sound and FuryJoy Johnson-Williams from Discovery Communications, and Paul Doherty of CESD Talent Agency. I loved Jill’s simple reminder: “Be the best version of you!”

SOVAS That's Voiceover 2020 State of VO
SOVAS That’s Voiceover 2020 – The State of VO

💎 Insightful 💎 Thought Provoking 💎 Heartfelt

That’s the best way to describe tonight’s extended edition of #TheStateofVO as That’s Voiceover Career Expo wrapped up the first day with the entire SOVAS Board of Directors.

Marc Guss: “Be prepared to play the long game.”

Robin Armstrong: “Voiceover…it’s not easy money.”

Thank you to this amazing group of individuals for all you do to support the voiceover community: Joan BakerRudy GaskinsMarc GussJill KershawRobin ArmstrongDavid J. KozlowskiJoe CiprianoArchie ElamDebbe HirataKim Gaskins

🌟 You are all SUPER STARS! 🌟

Day Two

SOVAS That's Voiceover 2020 Day Two
Lake Bell receiving the SOVAS Backstage Vanguard Award with Voiceover Legend Joe Cipriano

🎙 Day 2 of #ThatsVoiceover Career Expo got off to a momentous morning with Lake Bell receiving the SOVAS Backstage Vanguard Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in the Arts and Humanities presented by voice over legend Joe Cipriano! Lake took the VO community by storm with her acclaimed film “In A World” and has been blazing a trail ever since as an actor, voice actor, writer, director, producer, and creator of content.

Day Three

SOVAS That's Voiceover 2020 Day Three
SOVAS That’s Voiceover 2020 – L to R:  Dave WalshTina Morasco and Robin Armstrong.

🎙 Day 3 of #ThatsVoiceover Career Expo didn’t disappoint with Atomic VO Coaching. What a lineup of industry professionals sharing their voiceover wisdom. Among all the amazing sessions was a standout: “TV & Radio Commercials” hosted by VO coach Dave Walsh with guests Tina Morasco, Head Casting Director at Sound and Fury and Robin Armstrong, director, producer and VO trainer. Every single word they said was so brilliant and on point.

🙏 Thank YOU to the Society Of Voice Arts And Sciences™ (SOVAS™ ) President/CEO, Rudy Gaskins, Co-Founder/VP and event Executive Producer, Joan Baker along with the SOVAS Board of Directors and the entire event team for such an inspiring, motivating and memorable weekend.

The mission of the Society Of Voice Arts And Sciences™ (SOVAS™ ) is to connect job seekers to the consummate sources of training, education, mentoring and employment opportunities required to create and sustain a successful career in the voiceover industry. Our mission is accomplished with diversity and inclusion, and through the ongoing development and administration of programs featuring educational events, financial scholarships, job placement, meaningful networking opportunities and awards recognition through the Voice Arts® Award program.

If you’re in voiceover and not familiar with SOVAS, you owe it to your career to learn more by visiting

SOVAS That’s Voiceover 2020 Wrap-up
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