Prior to the 4th of July weekend, The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS)  held their weekly The State of VO Zoomcast Q&A with voice over casting director Tina Morasco of Sound and Fury.

SOVAS Sound and Fury Casting Dave Linden

Hosted by SOVAS’ Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins along with Marc Guss of ACM Talent, over 250 voice talent joined in to hear Tina share her words of voice over casting wisdom like “Just be you,” “Don’t outsmart the direction,” and “We’re on your side!” 

Tina has been a voiceover agent at two of NY’s premiere talent agencies, and is a highly sought after voice coach, demo producer, and a successful voiceover artist and on-camera actress for the past 20 years. She is passionate about sharing her experience from both sides of the business in order to build a bridge that connects the actor’s unique perspective to a client’s tangible needs. She has a proven track record of discovering eclectic new talent and mentoring them into working VO pros.

The mission of the Society Of Voice Arts And Sciences™ (SOVAS™ ) is to connect job seekers to the consummate sources of training, education, mentoring and employment opportunities required to create and sustain a successful career in the voiceover industry. Our mission is accomplished with diversity and inclusion, and through the ongoing development and administration of programs featuring educational events, financial scholarships, job placement, meaningful networking opportunities and awards recognition through the Voice Arts® Award program.

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SOVAS State of VO with Casting Director Tina Morasco