An inspiring start to the second season of  The State of VO from The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences  (SOVAS)   yesterday with guest, the multitalented Carnie Wilson.

Hosted by SOVAS’  Joan Baker  and  Rudy Gaskins  along with  Marc Guss  of  ACM Talent,  over 150 people logged into Zoom to hear Carnie sharing about staying positive and resilient, envisioning what is coming next, how persistence beats resistance and most importantly as a voice over artist, “Hydrate. Water is huge!”

Carnie Wilson SOVAS

Carnie not only is a voice over artist, but a singer and television host, and is best known as a member of the music group  Wilson Phillips. In 2017, she opened  Love Bites by Carnie, offering gourmet, bite-sized cheesecakes, brownies, crumb cakes and cake bites.

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SOVAS Features the Multitalented Carnie Wilson