I’ve had the great pleasure to be associated with the multi-channel/multi-platform automotive enthusiast brand GTChannel for many years voicing a variety of their content. In late 2018, they introduced their podcast PODSPEED and it has evolved into something special every car lover should check out.

Tired of the same old “we drove this and it was great” automotive podcasts? PODSPEED interviews the top movers and shakers of the auto industry. Their panel of insiders also reveal secrets that the car companies don’t want you to know just yet. They provide exclusive scoops on all your favorite cars.

PODSPEED by GTChannel Promo Voiced by Dave Linden

The podcast is hosted by international car journalist and award-winning author Sam Mitani, joined by GTChannel president Taro Koki and obligatory motorsports expert with a British accent, James McKeone.

You can watch their livecast every other Wednesday on Facebook, or check it out on YouTube. The PODSPEED podcast is on all major podcast  platforms like Apple Podcasts. And as the PODSPEED hosts like to say “If you call yourself a car person, then you need to tune in because the experts agree, it’s the most entertaining and informative show around. “

I think they’re right!

The PODSPEED Podcast by GTChannel
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