There is nothing more exciting than having an opportunity to voice a commercial when the subject is surrounding your all-time favorite car: The Toyota MR-S. Of course mine wasn’t anything even close to as special as the one in the video, but just the same, I LOVED my 1991 black Toyota MR-S and it’s awesome there are car enthusiasts and companies like Panic Made keeping these autos relevant.

Case in point, introducing Panic Made’s all new Panic-Wire ECU kit for the ZZW30 MR-S which is based around the powerful Link G4X ECU. This is a complete standalone solution with many modern features in a single ECU solution. These include e-throttle, boost control, ethanol, engine protection, launch control, and more! Installation is fully PnP including all parts needed. The Panic-Wire start-up map has been extensively tested under all conditions and provides a great basis for tuning. This kit also allows for use of the 2ZZGE engine with your existing wire harness. No rewiring required. Click here to learn more.

Panic-Wire MR-S ZZW30 New from Panic Made
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