Back in the 1990’s, music journalist Steve Rosen created National One-Hit Wonder Day, every 25th of September, to celebrate those who have had their 5 minutes of fame and then disappeared into the music history abyss, leaving us only a great song to remember them by.

According to VH-1, in 2002 when they aired a countdown of the VH1’s 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders, their list included:

  1. Macarena” – Los Del Rio (1996)
  2. Tainted Love” – Soft Cell (1982)
  3. Come on Eileen” – Dexys Midnight Runners (1982)
  4. I’m Too Sexy” – Right Said Fred (1991)
  5. Mickey” – Toni Basil (1982)
  6. Who Let the Dogs Out?” – Baha Men (2000)
  7. Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice (1990)
  8. Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor (1982) (Odd choice since they had a ton of hits)
  9. Rico Suave” – Gerardo (1990)
  10. 99 Luftballons” – Nena (1984)

Personally, mine has to be “Major Tom (Coming Home)” by Peter Schilling. Listening brings you right back to the Winter of 1983.

National One-Hit Wonder Day