Celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk Day today? It happens the second Monday in January, but if you missed it, it’s never too late to participate.

Cleaning your desk off regularly has concrete benefits. It helps you declutter both mentally and physically, which will help you work more efficiently.

Tips for Getting Organized

If you’re ready to clean off your desk, start with these simple steps from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean:

Clear Everything Off Your Desk

Starting with a clean slate lets you quickly sanitize your entire space and ensures you only put back the supplies that you actually need and use.

Sanitize All Surfaces

Everything on your desk can harbor germs and dust. Use sanitizing wipes to freshen the surfaces and clean off your monitors, keyboard, desktop, phone and any other items you touch frequently.

Organize Small Supplies

Paper clips, post-it notes, pens and other supplies you need all the time deserve a designated area with convenient compartments, preferably within arm’s reach. Once you find a home for each office supply, make sure they stay where they belong when not in use. At the same time, don’t overcrowd your space with small supplies. Only make room for what you regularly use, and leave everything else in the supply closet where it belongs.

Tidy Your Paperwork

Which files and papers do you actually need to keep on your desk, and which can be moved to a filing system or thrown away? Get rid of the things that you don’t actively need to look at, and you’ll focus better on the tasks that matter while appearing way more organized to boot.

Use Drawers 

Using drawers to store papers and supplies that you don’t use every day will help.

Keep a Trash Can Close

With a trashcan by your desk, you’ll reduce the risk of old papers piling up and be more likely to keep your cleaning momentum going.

Even if cleaning off your desk wasn’t one of your New Year’s Resolutions, you can celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk Day at any time of year. Once you’ve cleaned and organized your desk, maintain it all year long by spending roughly five minutes at the end of each week to put away loose items and clean exposed surfaces. That way, you’ll feel more organized at the start of every week.

National Clean Off Your Desk Day