There are so many streaming sources to listen to music now, that I find it to be overwhelming. To help you navigate through many of them, I have compiled a list of my 3 favorite:

retro hit radio

If I were to program a radio station, Retro Hit Radio would be it. Kudos to our friends in Auckland, New Zealand for creating the ultimate 80’s and 90’s station. Every morning, they also feature the throwback long-running podcast Stuck In The 80s. Along with Retro Hit Radio, they have an “Inspired by the 80’s” sister station: Neon.

knx fm 93

From the mid-70’s to the early 80’s, Southern California had many iconic radio stations that turned out to be legendary. Among them was KNX-FM. Today, you can hear the same music the station played back in the day (complete with the original jingles) thanks to owner Dale Berg. Dale has some great talent converting his knowledge from the terrestrial world to streaming. And he was my program director some years ago at KEZN-FM in Palm Springs. Check out KNX-FM 93 and his sister station playing contemporary jazz, 96.9 The Oasis.

Now, let’s head over to Dublin, Ireland for one of the first streaming radio stations I started listening to: Gem Radio New Wave. Not much more I can say about this station other than, “WOW!” I thought I had heard all the New Wave favorites until I found them. So many fantastic groups and songs that never made it to America which are worth a listen. They also have a sister station playing a selection from the 70’s that’s hard to get bored of: Gem Radio Gold.

Those are a few of my favorites. What about you? A great source to find stations from all over the world is the TuneIn app. Happy Listening!

My Favorite Internet Streaming Radio Stations
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