As we approach the holiday season and things start their gradual slow-down until the start of the new year, it has been a phenomenal Fall season of virtual voiceover discussions thanks to the  Society of Voice Arts and Sciences‘ (SOVAS) The State of VO Zoomcast series and the Voiceover Club on Clubhouse by Marc Guss.

 Jeffrey Umberger of ACM Talent

A blockbuster evening  on Clubhouse during the Marc Guss Voiceover Club with guest, manager Jeffrey Umberger of ACM Talent. After 90 minutes of “one-two punches” with voiceover gems, Marc wrapped up the night brilliantly: “Keep learning and growing.” 

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

 Maggie Robertson – Lady D from Resident Evil Village

Kudos and gratitude to Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences and Marc Guss of ACM Talent on a successful Season 3 of The State of VO. Thank you ALL for energizing my Thursday nights with these inspirational and motivating virtual discussions. And the finale on September 9th didn’t disappoint with guest Maggie Robertson (Lady D in Resident Evil Village). Next up for SOVAS is That’s Voiceover Career Expo happening the weekend of November 19th.  

When Luck Meets Preparation – Preparation Meets Luck

The Voiceover Squid Game

The most EPIC Marc Guss Voiceover Club episode on Clubhouse was with 50 contestants who played the “Voiceover Squid Game.” Fortunately, “elimination” only meant getting kicked out of the Clubhouse lobby (unlike the TV show ). The cast was superb: Marc as (an Oscar-worthy performance) “The Front Man,” Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins as the judges (I think I heard Joan’s voice crack a few smiles reading off her comments ) and Halley Kim, who plays the voice of the actual Eliminator on the TV show! Congrats to all who participated and to Loren Raye for being the last person standing and winning the grand prize which included a ticket to the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences “That’s Voiceover Career Expo.”

Voiceover Squid Game – You Have Been Eliminated

Dr. Rick Party

Marc Guss was on F-I-R-E during his October 27th Voiceover Club on Clubhouse! His passion, intensity, and energy all came to the forefront as he interviewed Dr. Rick Party about what it takes to make the transition from radio to a successful voiceover career. Marc turned into Rocky Balboa with his one-two punches of golden voiceover advice. 

You Can’t Build the 35th Floor of a Building Without the 1st Floor

Robyn Starr of ACM Talent

I now know how Charlie felt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory after finding the GOLDEN TICKET and entering through the doors of the chocolate factory. It must be very similar to the feeling getting called into the “lobby” on the Marc Guss Voiceover Club on Clubhouse. And it was my LUCKY night! How fun and exciting to read commercial copy for Marc and his guest and fellow manager at ACM TalentRobyn Starr. Sometimes all you need…is to know you’re on the right track and that’s exactly the kind of feedback my fellow Clubhousers and I received. Kudos to all who participated. 

Commercial Voiceover Intensive

Much gratitude as always to Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins of Society of Voice Arts and Sciences and Marc Guss of ACM Talent for all of these motivating learning experiences!

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