How do you fry without oil? Cooklight AeroFryer is the healthier (and better) counterpart of a deep fryer. The single, most important difference that sets it apart from a deep fryer is that it doesn’t utilize oil or grease to cook food , instead, it employs hot air and consistent heat to achieve that delicious fried taste, but with up to 70 percent less the calories – effectively reducing the risk for high blood pressure and heart diseases; reduce cholesterol levels; and even help you to lose weight! You get the same crunch and taste of deep fry with little or no oil! How Air2Fryer works: This cookware utilizes super-heated air to crisp and perfectly brown the outside, and infrared to fully cook the insides without causing moisture loss. Its Crunchy on the outside and Juicy on the inside. What is infrared cooking? Grilling is the original “infrared” method of cooking food. However, it can be messy, uncontrollable and inconsistent. Aerofryer adopted the concept, and modernized it. This cookware , with the consistent heat, allows you to cook perfect fried dishes in a controlled environment utilizing a radiation-free method. Visit

Cooklite Aero Fryer by EMSON DRTV Infomercial
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