The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences  (SOVAS)  hosted season 2 episode 2 of their weekly  The State of VO  Zoomcast Q&A with voiceover casting director  Erik Sanchez, head of casting and radio producer at Sticky Audio Labs.

Hosted by SOVAS’  Joan Baker  and  Rudy Gaskins  along with Marc Guss  of  ACM Talent, over 150 voice talent joined in to hear Erik share his thoughtful and genuine auditioning tips: “Have more than one choice when you walk in the room,” “Make the second take your own,” “Have a point of view,” “The job is a moving target,” and the simple reminder to “HAVE FUN!” 

Erik Sanchez Casting Director

Erik, who is also a voiceover coach, is head of Sticky Audio Labs casting department, an award winning provider of 360° music & sound solutions. His focus is voice casting and directing actors in radio & television commercials for such brands as Ford, Nestle, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Gatorade, Geico, Porsche, Lays and UPS. His work also spans dozens of advertising agencies including BBDO, Young & Rubicam, Publicis Kaplan Thaler, Crispin Porter & Bugusky, J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather.

Sticky Audio Labs coordinated approach & diverse Talent Suite makes them the only provider of 360º music & sound solutions. Every project is organized around the client’s communication objectives – mobilizing unmatched creative resources with a process proven to deliver outstanding results. Sticky provides an umbrella of award-winning services  including: strategy, research, branding, original music, music production, mixing & mastering, licensing, concept development, sound design, copywriting, voice casting, creative direction, and audio post.

The mission of the Society Of Voice Arts And Sciences™ (SOVAS™ ) is to connect job seekers to the consummate sources of training, education, mentoring and employment opportunities required to create and sustain a successful career in the voiceover industry. Our mission is accomplished with diversity and inclusion, and through the ongoing development and administration of programs featuring educational events, financial scholarships, job placement, meaningful networking opportunities and awards recognition through the Voice Arts® Award program. For more information, visit  SOVAS.

Casting Director Erik Sanchez The State of VO
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