Hands down, the best hot dog in Los Angeles is sitting on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip at Carneys Restaurant. Founded in 1975, John Wolfe, Sr. and his wife Pat Wolfe decided to build their restaurant from two aging Union Pacific rail cars.

What’s so amazing about a Carneys dog is their amazing snap (crunch). Something every good hot dog should have.


Next, (and most important) they have free parking. This is The Sunset Strip we’re talking about, folks. Parking is always scarce and never free. Do you know how much better food tastes when you don’t have to worry about “did I put enough money in the meter?”

When in L.A., do yourself a favor and skip the long lines at that other (rather greasy) hot dog place on La Brea and try Carneys either in Hollywood or just over the hill in Studio City.

Carneys Restaurant on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip
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