Thanks to the  Society of Voice Arts and Sciences‘ (SOVAS) The State of VO Zoomcast series and a newly installed Voiceover Club on Clubhouse by Marc Guss, this Summer has been a great opportunity to be motivated and inspired in the comfort of my own home.

The State of VO: Chuck Duran and Stacey Aswad

The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences‘ (SOVAS) The State of VO Zoomcast series continued on May 27 with so many excellent words of wisdom from Chuck Duran and Stacey J Aswad of VO Buzz Weekly and Demos That Rock. Their energy and passion for voiceover is so inspirational. 

Everything You Need is Within You
Everything You Need is Within You

Carli Silver and Tina Morasco of Sound & Fury Casting

My brain exploded with such relevant insight during the June 10 episode of The State of VO from guests Carli Silver and Tina Morasco of Sound and Fury. Tina kicked off the hour with one of so many crucial gems for success in voiceovers today: “It’s all about authenticity.” 

It’s All About Authenticity

Marc Guss Clubhouse Voiceover Club with Tracy Lindley

Much appreciation to Marc Guss for hosting a magnificent second edition of his Voiceover Club on Clubhouse. The topic was “Social Media Strategy for Voiceover Talent” with guest, LinkedIn expert, Tracy Lindley creator and owner of The LinkedIn Edge.

Be As Complete As Possible

 Andrew Atkin of ACM Talent

It was another top notch discussion a week later on Clubhouse during the Marc Guss Voiceover Club with guest Andrew Atkin of ACM Talent with a jam-packed 90 minute conversation where as Marc put it, covered “the intricacies of trailers, ADR, promos, commercials, demos…what to do and what not to do.”  Simply brilliant!

Stay Diversified

Marc Graue: Voiceover Actor, Producer, and Hollywood Recording Studio Owner

Thursday’s The State of VO was chock full o’fun with voiceover tips, stories and inspiration courtesy of legendary voiceover actor, producer, and Hollywood recording studio owner, Marc Graue. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for our Industry.

Make Yourself Memorable

Much gratitude to Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins of Society of Voice Arts and Sciences and Marc Guss of ACM Talent for all of these memorable learning experiences!

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